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Prestige Angel 8 Organization

Wings Of Wisdom, Hearts Of Hope

Come Fly With Us!

Who We Are

Angel 8 Organization Is A Brand New Start-Up Local Non-Profit Near Me In Waynesboro, VA. The Founder Of Prestige Angel 8 Organization Is Also The Owner Of Prestige 8 Corporation. Prestige 8 Corp Is Committed To Providing A Lifetime Partnership With All Of Prestige 8 Corporation For-Profit Companies Like Prestige Electric, Prestige Home Builders Of Virginia, And Any Other Future Start-Up Prestige 8 Companies. Prestige 8 Corp Owner Shane Woodson Comes In With 28 Plus Years Experience In The Electrical & Building Industry. Angel 8 Org Goal Is To Receive Donations, Grant Founding & By Partnering With Small Businesses,

Prestige 8 Companies Both Do Have Branding Logos. Please Let Us Know If They Are Eye Catching. Both Are The Imagination Of 2 Little Girls Who Love All People & Animals. Tag Line "Wings Of Wisdom, Hearts Of Hope" Slogan Building Lives & Changing Communities, One Wing At A Time" Drop Us A Line Let Us Know If The Girls Did A Good Job. Thanks Angel 8 Family

We The People Together Can Help Our Local Communities By Supporting This Great Cause. Angel 8 Will Achieve This  By Offering Discounted Services For Qualified Single Parents & Families. This Hasn't Been An Easy Choice So Far, Lot Of Legal Paperwork Involved For Both A For & Non-Profit To Work Side By Side. We Will Need Lots Of Volunteers To Make This Happen. Angel 8 Will Try To Achieve This With Others Helping Others After Angel 8 Helps Them First. Angel 8 Hopes That Most People Will Return The Favor By Helping Someone Else In Need Of The Same Thing.

Angel 8 Still Needs 3 Board Members For Future Angel 8 Success. Angel 8 Is Asking Our Current, Future Friends & Families Of Angel 8 To Help Us Be Able To Give Back To Our Full Goal. It's Our Goal Of Up To 100% Discount To Qualified People. We Also Any Lawyers With Reduced Rates For Non-Profits To Look Over Bylaws & The Rest To Make Everything Else Is In Order Please Contact  Us Below.

ANGEL 8 STILL NEEDS 3 MORE BOARD MEMBERS TO APPLY FOR TAX EXCEMPT Within The Next 24 Months They Are A CEO VICE PRESIDENT, CSO SCRETARY & CFO TREASURE FOR REQUIRED STATUS. Please Send Resume Below Info Must Reside In Local Area With Mailing Address No PO Box Please. Tax Exempt Status Will Allow Angel 8 To Have The Best Way Of Providing The Extra Savings Needed To Fully Help Humanity.

Prestige Angel 8 Organization, Incorporated Date Was March 20 2024. All Of This And Much More Info Will Be On Our New Fresh Homemade Website Made By Us. Please Let Us Know How We Did Once Angel 8 Website Is Done.  You Can Send Some Ideas Now As Well.

Angel 8 Also Would Like To Have Live Weekly Donations Drives For Our Local Area Friends & Families, Send Us Some Thoughts & Ideas With Your Contact Info Below. Angel 8 Will Try To Have Daily Prize Drawings To Increase Our Clicks & Donations, Getting Volunteers & Paid Helpers By Our E-Commerce Sales Also By Getting Great Discounted Services From Other Partnerships As Well A Long The Way. We Together As A Family Strong Community Built On Wings Of Wisdom, Heats Of Hope. With Your Donations & Support We Too Can Help As Many Local Low-Income Single Parents & Families Right Her In Our Very Own Backyard Of Waynesboro, Augusta County Communities.

Angel 8 Also Has Plans To Provide Triple A 8 Afton & Autumn's Animals A No-Kill Shelter, Spayed, Neuter Along With A New Adoption Center Also Right Here In Our Waynesboro, Augusta County Area, The Future Small 900 sq ft Office For All The Companies Will Be On Our Personal Property To Save In Wasted Expenses. The Size Of Land Is 2 Acres Area Apx.87,500 sq feet. Possible Expansion Room In The Next 3 - 5 Years Of 1.5 Acres For More Info Or To Donate Contact Us From Our Info Below.

We Again Are So Sorry About Our Incomplete Website For Angel 8 We Will Be Up And Running ASAP With All Of Our Trade Service Discounts Along With Our New E-Commerce Website With A Lot Of Different Things To Help Support Our Cause. Please Come Back To Help Us Spread Love & Kindness To Your Very Own Family & Friends In Waynesboro & Augusta County Communities. For More About Both Prestige 8 Corp. & Angel 8 Click Below For Working Website Link: Please Tell Us If It's Good Or Bad Website?

You Can Also Email Us: To Fill Out Application 

Get On Mailing List Or Volunteer At To Join Our Team

Or You Can Just Call The Office At 540 - 836-8845

Angel 8 Kids Hearts Will Be Filled With Joy If Help Your Self By Join Our Team Or Donating To Our Case Today. We Will Try To Help Out Your Needs If They Are On The Other Shoe Or Maybe That Some You Helped Is The Same Someone That Help You In Return One Day. You Just Never Know What Your God & Jesus Christ Has In Store For You.

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Building Lives & Changing Communities, One Wing At A Time

We Donate To Our Kids Families & Animals Right Here In Waynesboro & Augusta County

Please Come Back To See Who We Have Helped Together.  So That We May Get To Know There Joy!

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